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What do YOU carry – privat equipment of an Austrian Anaesthesiologist and Emergency Physician

Years ago I carried an emergency backpack with me. It was a present, looked really professional and cool but it was so huge that there was nearly no space for additional luggage in my car trunk when the backpack was placed there. It was stuffed with a lot of pricy tools as a pulsoxymeter, a laryngoscope, ET-tubes, larynx-tubes, O2-tank, Ambu-bag (Mark V), Samsplints, and so on.

After a while two things happened: first of all I became Dad of my first child (a daughter – today I´m the proud dad of four great kids). Belive me, I didnt even start arguing with my wife about the importance of an emergency backpack which was so big that there was not enough space to carry our baby buggy. Not talking about the missing space for any additional luggage. The second thing was that I realized that it was a lot of really booring work to keep track of the f***ing expiration dates of over 100 items

Here it is:




A simple click box. I own 3 identical ones. One placed in my car, one in my everyday shoulder bag and one at home. This makes it easy to replace the drugs regularly (usually one unit contains 5 vials – very near to the amount you need to stock up three sets) and keeping track of the expiration dates. The vials are placed in foam-material which I bought at the local hardware store and cutted in shape.

IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2709 IMG_2710



2 10ml vials saline 0.9%
1 3ml vial Midazolam 5mg/ml
1 5ml vial Flumazenil 0.1mg/ml
1 4ml vial Ondansetron 2mg/ml
1 2ml vial S-Ketamine 25mg/ml
1 1ml vial Epinephrine 1mg/ml
1 1ml vial Ephedrin 50mg/ml
1 2ml vial Nalbuphin 10mg/ml
1 4ml vial Dimetinden 1mg/ml
1 2ml vial Sugammadex (a leftover – removed after taking the pictures)
So I can treat anaphylaxis, asthma, perform a procedural sedation, provide analgesia, prevent nausea and vomiting (I always apply Ondansetron before using S-Ketamine or opioids in emergency situations) in a very safe manner.

other devices:

2 5ml syringes
1 iv line 20G (flow rate 61 ml/min)
1 iv line 18G (flow rate 100 ml/min)
1 back check valve (with luer lock for the iv lines)
1 Canulla Fixation Dressing (Curagard SP – this one keeps iv lines better in place than other ones I know. Very adhesiv, really smart design – omega shaped)
4 band-aids (as you know, in real life there is nearly nothing requested more often from a physician than a band-aid)
I´ve used this box a lot of times till today

understanding of the condition, the results of the diagnosticbe initiated following a specialist opinion and/or cialis for sale.

. One life could definitly be safed with this minimalist equipment. I was able to treat an severe anaphylactic reaction after a wasp sting in a public swimming bath two years ago. Applying half of the epinephrin 1 minute after the sting intramuscularly and the rest in little boluses iv kept the women alive till the helicopter arrived

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. Having two iv lines placed before the veins collapsed simplyfied the further management.

What do you think? Any further suggestions? What can be made better? I´d love to read your comments.

Yours Kostja

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